What our subscribers say about their boxes

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Lauren Cesena
Can't believe the quality and quantity of products. Pins, stickers, jewellery, keyrings, soap, magnet, artwork, a ceramic and socks all in my first box. Considering the ceramic item and the soap are worth around £16 alone, paying just over £30 for all the rest of the items too is amazing, which included a great quality necklace and earrings. Wish I'd found this subscription earlier. Money from each box goes to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation which is super important to me.
K Nels
Absolutely loved my first box, I ran to subscribe when I saw April was moon themed and it did not disappoint at all! Everything is so well picked and well worth the price. If you're like me and think Halloween isn't just for October, and spooky needs to be year round, get your butts over to their website and make sure you sign up! So glad they have various subscription plans too, I like to pay for things monthly and not all subscription boxes let you so absolutely fab that this is an option! If you're on the fence, just go and do it, you won't be disappointed at all!! (This might read like a paid ad but I promise you it's not, I don't get excited about things often but when my little spooky heart gets excited, I need other witchy people to know too!)
Hannah Louise
I have had a various different gothic mystery boxes over the years and this is by far the BEST box I have ever had! Thankyou so much Coven!
Helen Buckett
Received my first subscription box from Coven yesterday. A wide range of items including socks, magnets, a drinking glass, pencil and much much more. Worth every single penny. Highly recommended by me.
Bethany Rawlinson
Worth every penny. Every monthly box is hand picked and differently themed so cleverly. I love them; makes my day when I see it in the post!!!
Gemma McAvoy
Honestly the best subscription box I've ever had. The content is amazing and doesn't feel like cheap tat. You get loads for your money, too. Also, every month they pop in a little name card thanking you for your order which is cute. If you're debating whether to get this, do it. You won't regret it! I love it. Thanks everyone at Coven Edit- Edit to say that all items are vegan AND cruelty free. £1 from each box is donated to the Sophie Lancaster foundation. RIP Sophie.
Diana Donella
These boxes are wonderful. The thought that goes into each theme is brilliant and so creative. Tom & Kelly are an incredible team and so dedicated to bringing some spooky fun into our lives. Each box is personalised and it shows the consideration for each person receiving their goodies, making us feel very valued and not just another customer. Each month is something different and a treat to look out for, almost like having a birthday present each month of the year. Everyone should have a coven surprise box. Thank you both.
Carly Pascoe
Absolutely obsessed with this company! The box is so well thought out and worth every penny
Mia Cooper
Linda Streatfield
My Coven Winged Creatures box arrived with so many fangtabulous items and it was very special opening up each and every one of them. As I started my Subscription with Coven, I was also sent a beautiful bat plushie. Tom answered so many questions that I had, taking time and being professional. Thank you Tom and Kelly.