At Coven we offer a monthly subscription of unique, interesting and unusual items. The contents range from homeware, clothes, cosmetics, accessories, jewellery and food items.

We created Coven as having subscribed to similar boxes we were always somewhat disappointed by the contents and/or quality. 

We source the best deals and work closely with both larger companies and independent artisan sellers to offer you a selection of handpicked items at great value.

Coven is a community powered by it’s members.


Tom and Kelly Team Coven

A witch, familiars and the partner who got dragged along for the ride…although that’s not strictly true it’s not far from the reality. Whilst I don’t like labels I (Kelly) was a little goth girl and he (Tom) was a hardcore punk drummer who grew into individual free spirited adults.

We live in Somerset, home of some wonderfully witchy places such as Wookey Hole caves and Glastonbury. Our favourite season is Autumn and holiday is Halloween. So much so Tom proposed to me on Halloween and got married in October 2021 with a fall themed wedding.

We LOVE animals and there are currently 4 live in familiars at Coven HQ.